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Speed Legs


Duration: 35 minutes

Unlock your athletic potential with our Speed Legs program, combining cutting-edge muscle stimulation therapy and cryotherapy for accelerated recovery and enhanced performance.

Recommended for:

  • Athletes and Sports Enthusiasts
  • People Seeking Efficient Muscle Solutions
  • Those in Need of Post-Injury Comfort and Support
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The X-TONE™ component utilizes electromagnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) technology to fortify abdominal muscles, address muscle imbalances, and refine muscle definition. In just a 30-minute session, experience the equivalent of five hours of traditional gym training, with remarkable outcomes in muscle strength and sculpting.

Complementing X-TONE™ is our E cabin full-body cryotherapy treatment, exposing the body to extremely low temperatures for brief periods. This induces a cascade of physiological responses, including inflammation reduction, pain relief, improved muscle recovery, and enhanced mobility. Step into our cryotherapy cabin equipped with the groundbreaking CTN e°CABIN™, offering a fully automated and eco-friendly cryotherapy experience tailored to your body’s unique response.

Whether you’re aiming to recover faster, improve muscle tone, or enhance overall performance, our Speed Legs program delivers convenience, efficiency, and customization in one comprehensive package. Experience the future of wellness and take your athletic performance to new heights with Speed Legs.

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